Jealousy, and its companion, possessiveness, are states that almost everyone has experienced. Jealousy is wanting what someone else has, or fearing that someone else will take what you have because they are better than you. Possessiveness is the need to claim sole ownership of what you have. Differentiating between the two, but one state usually blends into the other. Even in relationships ,Unless you’re completely detached, part of wanting someone includes a smidgen of these emotions. In small doses, they can add spice to a relationship by ensuring that you don’t take your partner for granted. But in larger doses, they can completely sabotage a union. If chronic jealousy and possessiveness control your love life, Astrology has solutions for this.

Evil eye can also cause difficulties in life.It is important to deal with evil eye, before it completely cause distructions in life. Pandith Chandra swami Can help you to deal with such problems effectively.


Baglamukhi or Bagala is an important deity among the ten Mahavidyas worshipped with great devotion in Hinduism. The ultimate benefit of worshipping Baglamukhi clears the illusions and confusions of the devotees and gives them a clear path to proceed in life. Goddess Baglamukhi carries a cudgel in her hands to smash the troubles faced by her devotees. The term Baglamukhi is derived from the word Bagla or Valga meaning the saddle used to control the horse. This very powerful goddess is also called as Sthambini Devi or Brahmastra Roopini. This means she is so powerful enough to make the target motionless and still. Worshipping Ma Baglamukhi is the sure way to control the enemies and win over them. However, with evil intentions, the mantras can only give negative results.

Benefits of Chanting Baglamukhi mantras

• Removes all the sorrows and gives confidence, fearlessness and courage.

• Fills the minds and hearts of the devotees with a positive energy to move the success path

• Removes the debts and enhances prosperity at home

• Fear of enemies is removed and the devotee experiences a great degree of comfort in mind. The enemies will no more be able to confront you. They will grow powerless when trying to act against you and their vicious plots will turn futile and ineffective.

• Students get good marks and get a focused mind to concentrate on the studies better.

• The devotee triumphs over lawsuits and succeeds in quarrels and competitions.

• If there are fluctuations in your life, this mantra can help balance the positive and negative aspects and establish harmony in home and life.

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