When love relations start, there is great expectation, joy and fantasies about future married life. Both plan their coming life together. Not all, but a few relations do not get success in continuing with smooth sailing and break in the middle turning the relations in bitter experiences and with broken dreams.

For such a state, generally, one would blame the other for the break up and prove him or herself to be righteous. This is a blame game though both know the real reason of break up. Main reason behind the breakup of relations could be the lack of trust and mutual understanding. I have personally seen some love-making pairs who could go to any extent to meet his/her love-partner before marriage but do not want to see the face of life partner after a few years of marriage. What does it mean? Either they failed to know and understand his/her love before marriage or again they could not trust and understand his/her life partner after marriage. Where is the fault?

When there is no emotional attraction or when the emotional bond between the couple is weak, the sweet relations gradually fades up. Do you trust your partner and he or she believe that you are honest and trust worthy and do not have hidden agenda. Share your ideas, thoughts and interests with each other to build healthy relations.

Ascendant and Ascendant lord both play important role to know the way of thinking and entire individuality of a person. Apart from Manglik and other factors for match making, this fact should also kept in mind for a long lasting and successful marriage.

Heart-breaks are pain full to the core. When attributes which caused attraction between two lovers start loosing its newness or important people tend to feel uneasiness with their partners. Due to this reason, one might loose their love. happiness is that, one can get their love back through mantras, Key is to believe in devine powers of astrology.

Indian astrologer Pandith Chandra Swami has specialized in the planetary influences that play important role in the determination of the relationship attributes. He has studied and researched deeply Venus, Mars, Moon and other heavenly influences; including the manner and extent to which these correlate with each other. His ability to make out a complete authentic profile of the individual’s affinities, thought processes and behaviors allow him to judge the compatibility quotient in the love life. Due to this he is able to generate the best and precisely accurate advice as for the prospective relations between the lovers planning to engage as a couple.


Pandith Chandra Swami is an Indian Astrologer in London, India with over 32+ Years of Ancestral History in Hand Reading, Face Reading and Horoscope Reading with Accurate Predictions and Solution offerings in all fields of Human existence. Having gained knowledge through the most ancient ways of resolving human problems gained from the forefathers and great grandfather from India, Astrologer Pandith Chandra Swami best Indian astrologer now offers his services in London, We change Lives, 100% privacy guaranteed, Book Appointment Now.

Relationship problems need Krishna Prayers to go smooth. Love problems, marriage conflicts, misunderstandings, separations and divorces require Shree Krishna Puja for get back on track with the love life.

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