Astrology is a method of predicting your future. It helps you to get ready for the different events, which are due to happen in your future. Not just this, different aspects of life including career, love, marriage, relationships and so forth can be predicted this way. In short, astrology can be used to predict the past, present and the future. What’s more, a daily horoscope is the easiest way to find what your astrologer says. These daily horoscope predictions are known as sun sign astrology. This daily horoscope lets you know various things like – what problems you will face in the coming future and what should be done to avoid it.

2021 horoscope predictions by Pandith Chandra Swami would provide you with insights and guidance about how the New Year would turn out for you. “2021 will be a common year starting with a Friday,” says Wikipedia, but as it marks a milestone in our lives, we would only want it to be a special year. Expectations and ambitions which we carry forward to the next year should tally with the outcome in reality. That is when we get happiness in the bottom line. Team pandith Chandra Swami hopes that our annual predictions for 2021 would help you to stay poised for what life would bring on.

This 2021 horoscope prediction is provided by the expert astrologers of Pandith Chandra swami who are considered to be the best astrologers in India. These experts came out with the astrology 2020 predictions after considering all the major planetary transits, retrogressions, progressions and conjunctions in the New Year. They have thoroughly analysed the impacts and after effects of all major planetary transits on the lives each of the twelve zodiac natives. After going through our annual prediction for 2020 you would be aware of the positive and negative impacts of the planets which would bring about changes in your life.

pandith Chndra Swami horoscope 2020 predictions delve into all the major aspects of one’s life like- Love, Health, Finance and Career. So these readings would provide you with in-depth insights into all aspects of life. You can always consult our expert astrologers who are available online 24/7 for a personalised horoscope analysis and guidance. We- Team Pandith Chandra Swami wish that all your dreams and aspirations come true in the New Year and would be happy to help you whenever it is needed. Happy New Year!


It is believed that Sri Yantra is a tool for fulfilling all the desires. It is not just like some magic. It just clears our mind and motivates us to focus our goal. Meditating upon the symbols of the yantra will help in the clarity of thoughts and mind. This is a very efficient and effective way of re-focusing on our goals and life. This auspicious and powerful Sri Yantra offers many benefits to the individual. It brings the spiritual as well as material wealth. It is the ultimate solution to all the negativity in the life. It pushes the negative energy away from you and your surroundings. The yantra will push all the obstacles to your life far away from you. It is very necessary to keep the negative energy away from you as all this stands in between you and your success. Harmony and peace also gets away from your life due to the increased effect of negativity. The yantra will help in the flow of positivity around you and your surroundings. It is necessary to worship the yantra daily. You can also put some flowers on it. It will not take much time in doing puja of the yantra.

Sri Yantra is a circuit showing chakras of the body. Each chakra of the yantra is a symbol of chakra of the human body. The chakras present in the body represent superimposition of 4 triangles and 5 triangles in an upward position and downward position respectively. These interlocking of upward and downward triangle lead to the formation of 43 smaller triangles in the Sri Yantra. The downward pointing triangle is a way of representing Shakti which is the female principle. On the other hand, the triangles pointing upwards are representing Shiva, male principle.

It is said that the yantra is a home of an infinite source of power of the Goddess. The geometric form of the Goddess is presented in the yantra in the form geometric presentation. The Sri Yantra is worshipped in 2D form as well as 3D form. Yogi treats the Sri Yantra as a pilgrimage. The spiritual journey via Sri Yantra is enlightening the path of life. The seekers have this enlightenment from the outer rectangle to moving towards the centre point which is believed to be middle point of the universe. It is the point where one will have the golden opportunity of merging with absolute consciousness.

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