Health is the state where every organ of the body, including mind, works efficiently without any illness and injury. Actually, the environment in which an individual lives is of great importance for his health. In Astrology, horoscope consists of twelve houses. Almost all the spheres of life of a human being are controlled by these houses including the health. Each house is part of KAAL Purush. First house indicates mind, personality and face, second house voice, third house arms and chest, fourth house heart etc and so on. Bad effect of malefic planets on these houses may create health problems for that particular organ during transit or Mahadasha of a planet. Actually, sixth house is considered a house of health in Vedic Astrology. Benefic or malefic planet on this house may decide the state of health of an individual.

Not only physical health but state of mind can also be judged by carefully analyzing the chart. Mental health problem may include depression, unnecessary tension, epilepsy, weak mind, lack of concentration, obsessive compulsion disorders and many other disorders related to mind. Effect of malefic planets on Ascendant and Moon may create such problems. Here you may go through the astrological articles which throw light on such issues.


Surya or Sun god is an important deity worshipped by the Hindus. As the sunrise dispels that darkness of the worlds, Surya also removes the darkness of ignorance and bestows wisdom. Sun is said to be the embodiment of all knowledge. In fact, he is the Guru of Lord Hanuman. Some of the impending benefits ensuing from the chanting of Surya Mantra include long life, cure of diseases, physical and mental well-being, cure of skin diseases and improvement in vision.
Sun constantly shines on the earth and there is nothing on this earth that can be hidden from him. Sun is called as Sarvati Sakshi Bhutam (The ever watching witness to every happening). Also, it is said that since the sun keeps watching the deeds of people, those who do not exhibit gratitude in their lives will incur the wrath of sun god. Therefore, we must be grateful to all those who helped us little or more, which is one of the easiest ways to please Sun God.
Surya Mantra is a simple one to chant. The best time to chant Surya Mantra is early morning during sun rise. There are twelve yogic postures that are done while chanting each of these mantras facing the sun. Usually, three cycles of chanting the mantra along with the corresponding asana are advised.

Benefits of Surya Mantra
1. Per the Astrological Sciences, Sun Lord is considered to be the very part of the soul. Whilst reciting the Surya Mantra it is auspicious to offer water as it leads to self-purification and strengthen your will. Offering water to the Sun also helps heal your health.

2. When an individual regularly offers water to Surya Dev reciting the Surya Mantra, it helps your body gain strength, power and energy. Also, it helps you gain fame and success at your work place.

3. While offering water to Sun Lord, offer it 7 times along with reciting the Surya Mantra. Doing this is very helpful and the results will be tremendous in case a person decides to wear red clothes.

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